Maureen Ray (standing far right)

Maureen Ray (standing far right)


Maureen Ray has practiced with Yoga Vie since 2014 and we have watched her practice evolve by leaps and bounds. She started practicing yoga in our Beginner Series and has been a regular since. 

We recently sat down with Maureen to chat about her yoga journey, and the role yoga has played in her life since her first class.

Here is what she had to say:

How would you describe yourself as a yogi?

I am a work-in-progress. At this point in my practice, I no longer compare myself to others or have to watch them to see what the pose is supposed to look like! These days, it's just me and my 57 year old body on my mat moving through one pose at a time.

How did you find yoga?

A co-worker kept bugging me to try yoga. I finally told her I would. Being a person of my word, I googled Yoga in Lompoc and discovered Yoga Vie. A new beginner series was being offered the following week. I read the description and although filled with anxiety and scared to death, I signed up. You see, after raising three children, I found myself in a spot where I realized I had done nothing for myself in about 25 years. Not to mention that I had absolutely no flexibility and my core was, well, I didn't have one anymore! Virginia was my inspiration to continue with Yoga after the 4 week series. Other fellow yogi's were so kind and helpful, they inspired me, as well. Three years later, here I am!

Describe an interesting fact about yourself.

Goodness. I'm actually quite boring, so here are a few facts about me: I'm one of 6 children, grew up on a small farm, skipped 2nd grade, love watching Jeopardy, hate scary movies, am passionate about my back-yard and growing flowers, faint at the sight of blood (it's a miracle I made it through child birth, twice), met my husband in the newspaper (before there was internet!), eat a primal diet thanks to fellow yogi Toni G!

If you were a yoga pose, which one would you be?

If I were a yoga pose, I would be "Ananda Balasana" -- Happy Baby! Practicing yoga and the people I have met has brought a lot of happiness to my life.

What is your FAVORITE yoga pose? Why?

Hmmmmm -- I know a lot of poses I don't like! I suppose I like "Sirsasana" - Headstand. It's my favorite because I've been working on it for nearly three years. I've made progress and can almost get both feet off the wall. This means my core is getting stronger and stronger!

How does your practice fit into your everyday life?

I do not yet have a strong home practice. I've tried, but life got in the way. Definitely need to make a plan and get this going in 2017! Next question, please!

Maureen Ray and Grandchild

What's your favorite aspect of Yoga Vie?

Definitely the people. With such a high level of anxiety, both Yoga Vie staff and fellow yogis have always have encouraged, supported and laughed with me as I try to move forward in my yoga practice. A nice beautiful studio is awesome, too!

What advice would you offer to a yoga novice?

No matter your size, shape or age, yoga can be beneficial to everyone. If you have not done the Yoga Vie Beginner Series, it's a good place to start! Or just show up to a class -- I think you will be inspired.