The studio where you regularly attend yoga classes is buzzing with news of an upcoming Yoga Teacher Training and it's got you that for me? It's a huge commitment, many hours devoted to attending class, home study, emotional energy spent, not too mention the price tag! Is it worth it? In my opinion and not surprisedly is YES, the rewards can far outweigh the costs; however, my reasons might surprise you. Why do people decide to attend yoga teacher training? The reasons are more varied than you might think, but the overwhelming majority of students are searching for something and they don't quite know what that something is yet.

Yoga Teacher Training

Honestly no one can promise you a huge salary (not even enough to live on), or that studios will be lining up and begging you to teach. However, there is one thing I can promise...if you are fully open to the experience, you will grow and blossom and connect - to you! If there is a deep driving desire inside of you that is searching, your search is over. It's totally unexpected and a true evolution of the mind and spirit. If you are completely satisfied with your life just the way it is, this post may bore you, so feel free move along without worry. Maybe reading this will inspire you. Whether that's to attend a yoga teacher training or to do something you've always wanted to do; DON'T WAIT...DO IT. You only have one life, it's time to start living it! Here are a few things to consider before saying no to yoga teacher training: 

1. EXPERIENCE. This life is short, it's cliche, but so very true. How long do you have to wait to live the life you were born to live? Sit quietly for a moment and think about it. If you found out your time was limited what would you change? Folks, your time IS short! Stop the things you want to do - stop making excuses. Take that trip to Europe, learn another language or how to play the guitar, spend more time with your family and start loving yourself just the way you are today! If you aren't quite sure what you want, attending a yoga teacher training is like getting a degree in the SELF. We invest in our financial future by saving money and our education by going to college, but we place no value on investing in the people we are and want to become. Why?

2. GET CONNECTED TO YOUR COMMUNITY. There is an entire community of people right outside your front door, if you just put your phone down, you would see a world of possibilities. The connections you make in yoga teacher training are lifetime relationships. You will meet people from all walks of life, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds, but a common bond will instantly form from this ancient practice. It brings people together in a meaningful way. You learn more about yourself and will be able to translate what you learn into something that will serve your community and in turn, what you put in, may at some point serve you too.

3. LOOKING FOR A CHALLENGE. Are you the type of person who likes to grow, evolve and constantly be challenged? You will be emotionally, physically, and spiritually challenged. This will result in adding more depth and dimension to your personal yoga practice. Throw out what you think you know about yourself, get in touch and develop a heightened awareness of your body. Challenge the way you think. Advanced yoga training can illuminate truth for you and guide you to make positive changes in your professional and personal life. It can be transformative, the next step in your personal evolution. 

4. GAIN CONFIDENCE. You might fall out of poses, but you will get up and gain confidence. Learn to laugh more. Find acceptance for yourself and for those around you. Feel a sense of camaraderie in yoga teacher training that is hard to replicate elsewhere. You learn the art of moving forward in the toughest times and how to eliminate negativity that seems to take over your thoughts and can be all consuming.

5. TEACH OR DON'T TEACH. Teaching yoga is the most rewarding thing I have done in my professional life, little rivals it, and for those who have decided to do it, they understand that it is truly a giving profession. If you are already a yoga teacher, you might consider another training, often times schools offer additional training at a reduced fee. Lastly, many students who decide to participate in yoga teacher training, decide not to teach. They simply want to deepen their practice or get unstuck. You will learn so much about your personal practice and that may be enough for you! If you're on the fence, but feel something pulling you in that direction, remember no one is forcing you to teach....but don't be surprised if by the end you decide you want to share what you have learned with the world!

Visualize, inspire, evolve.