Selah Walshaw


Selah is definitely our smallest and cutest yogini! 7 year old Selah, is the daughter of Leah and Mike Walshaw, and she brings the sweetest energy to Yoga Vie and our community. She knows the ropes and likes to sign herself in before her visit! She has her own mat and does a bang up job in classes where discipline and quiet are required. We love having her around! 

We recently sat down with this little doodle bug to chat about her what she REALLY thinks about yoga. Here is what she had to say:

What kind of yogi are you?

I'm a giggly yogi! I like to make silly faces in some of the poses, but when it comes to savasana I know exactly how to relax. I don't like to be touched or bothered and I sometimes fall asleep in savasana.

How did you find Yoga Vie?

I asked to go to a class once with my mom. After that I wanted to keep going and never stop because I liked it A LOT.

Tell us something fun about yourself.

I am a ninja warrior. I love to train like an America Ninja Warrior by making my own obstacle courses at home. Sometimes my mom takes me to the gym and we make obstacles courses out of gym equipment and once we even went to a real ninja warrior training gym!

Selah in headstand

If you were a yoga pose, which one would you be?

Headstand! I like being upside down. (Selah is in Sirasana B!)

What is your FAVORITE yoga pose? Why?

My favorite yoga pose is warrior II because it's named for a fierce warrior and makes me feel like a fierce warrior.

What is the best part about attending yoga classes?

It's time I get to spend with my mom. We go to the studio at the end of busy days or sometimes on Saturday mornings to start our weekend. If we don't go to the studio we like to do legs up the wall pose while reading books before bed and it helps me sleep better.

Selah and Leah

What's your favorite thing about Yoga Vie?

My favorite part is going to yoga class with my mom. All the instructors are so nice to me. I love the bolsters, the blocks, and I love the blankets. I like the sound of the singing bowl at the end of every class. I like a lot of aspects of Yoga Vie.


What advice would you offer to someone who's never tried yoga before?

You can do it! Just try as hard as you can!