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February 2018: Student Spotlight

Always greeting us with a smile, we can't help but feel the energy when Angela enters the studio! Her down-to-earth nature and willingness to try anything keeps us inspired, and her humor keeps us chuckling. We are so lucky to have her as part of our wonderful yoga community, and LOVE her point of view on yoga!

December 2017: Student Spotlight

As teachers, we often find inspiration in our students. Their light, drive, and curiosity inspire us to learn more about yoga and about ourselves. Sharmin is one of those students. Always ready with a great question after class, signing up for private lessons, or continuing to deepen her practice, she has inspired us all! It is truly a joy to have her at Yoga Vie.

February 2017: Student Spotlight

Arianna has practiced with Yoga Vie since 2014. She started practicing yoga in our Beginner Series and has been a constant fixture at the studio since. For at least 2 years, she worked long hours and had an unpredictable commute to work, but still made time for her yoga practice and we are glad she did. Her great sense of humor delights the teachers and community alike!

January 2017: Student Spotlight

We have watched Maureen practice evolve by leaps and bounds. She started practicing yoga in our Beginner Series and has been a regular since. We recently sat down with Maureen to chat about her yoga journey, and the role yoga has played in her life since her first class...