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The famous words spoken by the late Sri K. Pattahbi Jois, quoted many times by Ashtangis around the globe. It sounds simple, but on further inspection the questions start to arise… what is the ‘all’ to which he refers? What does this even mean for my yoga practice? Before I delve into this question, let me draw your attention to Yoga Sutra 1.14...

March 2017: Student Spotlight

Diane has practiced with Yoga Vie for almost a year. She is very consistent with her yoga practice and takes advantage of almost all the workshops we offer. She has taken our beginner's series Her happy disposition and positive attitude make her an important part of our community. Diane is such an inspiration...

5 Reasons To Consider YTT

The studio where you regularly attend yoga classes is buzzing with news of an upcoming Yoga Teacher Training and it's got you that for me? It's a huge commitment, many hours devoted to attending class, home study, emotional energy spent, not too mention the price tag! Is it worth it?