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April 2017: Student Spotlight

Joel has practiced with Yoga Vie since the very beginning (2013), he and his wife were two of our very first students. We know him as a dedicated yoga student and community activist. He created and runs the Vandenberg Farmer's Market Association, which hosts a community Farmer's Market each Sunday in Vandenberg Village.

March 2017: Student Spotlight

Diane has practiced with Yoga Vie for almost a year. She is very consistent with her yoga practice and takes advantage of almost all the workshops we offer. She has taken our beginner's series Her happy disposition and positive attitude make her an important part of our community. Diane is such an inspiration...

January 2017: Student Spotlight

We have watched Maureen practice evolve by leaps and bounds. She started practicing yoga in our Beginner Series and has been a regular since. We recently sat down with Maureen to chat about her yoga journey, and the role yoga has played in her life since her first class...