So much more than smelling the roses, our sense of smell is a powerful tool of healing and experience. By using therapeutic grade essential oils, you can become more alert, receptive, connected, grounded, centered, uplifted, and present. 

Join Yoga Vie and Leah Walshaw for a workshop on the therapeutic benefits of essential oils combined with movement. Learn how to create your own ritual for using essential oils to enhance your practice and meditation at home. 

As an experienced essential oil practitioner, Leah will guide us through the different types of oils (floral, mint, citrus, herbs, tree, etc) and their different affects on our brain and emotions. One of her favorite ways of approaching essential oils, Leah will teach you which oils to choose to support your practice and emotional well being that day- as well as a trigger-point/massage technique you can do alone or with a partner to reduce any remaining tension. She will also discuss how essential oils can be used to cultivate certain emotions and alleviate common ailments. 

Our workshop will conclude with an AromaYoga flow, led by Michael-Lyn McBride, where we will put into practice our knowledge of essential oils and asana. Suitable for all levels, we will combine awakening movement, building heat, heightening our senses, and winding down to relax into a blissfully scented savasana. Our focus will be on aromatherapy as we connect with feelings of happiness, grounding, and balance through mindful movement. 

This workshop will feature 100% pure therapeutic essential oils by doTERRA

Leah Walshaw

About Leah: After a picture perfect first pregnancy, Leah’s second pregnancy was filled with discomfort. As a Natural Childbirth Educator she was determined to use natural solutions first. Essential Oils weren’t more than an after thought, but when Leah heard about dōTERRA she was convinced this is what she had been looking for.  Deep Blue provided support during pregnancy discomfort, and since then the whole family uses dōTERRA for everything from nourishing skin to dōTERRA’s supplements, and essential oils for emotional health, and diffusing into the air for their many benefits. Learn more about Leah and her essential oils on her website,