Practicing the Eight Limbs of Yoga can manage life’s many obstacles.  

Svadhyaya: The Study of Self. This Niyama of the eight limbs of yoga is a product of dedication and discipline through the Ashtanga Yoga method.  

Join Joy Tiu, RYT 200, as she shares her knowledge and personal experience of practicing Ashtanga and how it can guide you into the depth of self-exploration. You will learn about the eight limbs of yoga and how this method can help you maintain equanimity in life’s challenging situations. As a result, you will find a more self-sustainable approach to your yoga practice and remove unnecessary stress and suffering on and off the mat. Each workshop will include a 2-hour asana practice, pranayama, chanting, meditation, philosophy, open discussion, and posture breakdown. Accessible to ALL LEVELS; discover how the Ashtanga practice can work for you.  


July 21, 2019 

Session 1: Our Roots 

Standing and Balancing Postures  

August 18, 2019 

Session 2: Our Fire 

Seated and Arm Balance Postures 

September 15, 2019 

Session 3: Our Intuition 

Backbends and Inversion  Postures

Joy Tiu

About Joy: Joy finds peace and inspiration with every teaching opportunity. She thrives on guiding students to build their own personal strength with the emphasis on breath, individualized modifications, alignment and concentration. Her teaching style is based on the Ashtanga method (Breath, Bandha, Drishti), while weaving the practice of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. She is heavily influenced by numerous teachers she feels grateful to have worked with so far: Virginia Allain, Kimberly Short, Mary Kay West, Steve Dwelley, Michele Nichols, Maty Ezraty, Laruga Glaser, Dena Kingsberg, Kino MacGregor and Tim Miller. Attending over 600 hours of trainings and workshops since 2015, Joy’s mission is to continue the exploration of yoga, seeking the most genuine and authentic approach, to share with every student she works with. She believes the learning of the self continues on and off the mat so as long as we are breathing. Joy dedicates her yogic studies as a contribution to world peace; finding peace within herself; sharing ways for her students to find peace; and spreading their peace to the world.