Every challenging pose has a stepping stone…  

Certain yoga poses offer a challenge for anyone, no matter how many years they have been practicing. While it may seem like an experienced practitioner pops up into that pose with ease, the reality is that yogi had to learn much more fundamental actions to make that final pose possible.

In this workshop series, Chelsie Miller, 200RYT, will highlight and breakdown certain postures that may be considered challenging- making them attainable for any level practitioner. Learn fundamental alignment, the bones and major muscles groups involved to perform each posture, and an in-depth explanation of how to get there. Variations and modifications will be taught step-by-step so that students build strength and confidence in their yoga practice. Come to class ready to take notes and learn the building blocks of these postures. No prior experience necessary- beginners welcome!


October 6, 2019 

Session 1: Balance & Opening

Students will learn the major muscle groups involved in balancing and hip opening postures. Through a high-energy vinyasa flow, students will experience challenging postures through an approach that breaks them down, removes confusion, and encourages confidence. After practice, there will be a discussion period about the postures highlighted during the practice, with time to break down technique and get individualized feedback on how these postures work for you body. Discover how the hip joint moves and what’s needed for it to function optimally in hip opening postures. In this workshop, students will learn how to connect to their bodies and find an alignment that works for them.

November 3, 2019 

Session 2: Strength & Stability

This workshop will be centered around strengthening the core and learning the safest positioning for the shoulders in postures that involve the upper body. Chelsie will lead an hour and a half vinyasa flow highlighting strength and stability in the core and upper body, followed by a discussion where we’ll get into the anatomy and make-up of the poses, with individualized feedback on how these postures can work for your body. Students can expect to learn the major muscle groups and their actions involved in upper body and arm balance postures with an emphasis on core stability.


About Chelsie Miller: Chelsie is passionate about sharing the practice of yoga with all people, no matter what stage of life they are in. This practice has taught her how to cultivate inner strength and she expresses that in every class she teaches. She comes from an active background of gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance, which strongly influences her movements and understanding of the human body. She found the practice of yoga on YouTube and Instagram in 2014 and didn’t have the experience of studio yoga until 2016. Since then, she has expanded her knowledge of the practice through workshops with a variety of teachers and expertise as well as her RYT 200 teacher training with Virginia Allain. Chelsie believes that the practice of yoga is a tool for self-acceptance and strength in mind and body.