CAR movements are nothing new to the functional mobility world, but they have slowly started to filter into the yoga practices and training of some of the top yoga teachers, and it’s becoming apparent why...

Short for Controlled Articular Rotations, CARs is a technique that allows you to control joint movement in a safe, accessible way. While we all see and feel the benefits of yoga in our bodies, it’s no surprise to hear a new yogi discussing a shoulder strain or a funky feeling in their hip after class. Exploring and building awareness of the range of motion and limitations of our joints is an important part of avoiding injury in your yoga practice.

Activate your joints and surrounding muscles with Jen Schraeder, 200RYT, as she explains the difference between passive and active ranges in your body, and how understanding the difference between the two will provide both stability and strength for safe movement. Jen will lead you through an assessment practice to teach you where the mobility in your joints comes from and how to control surrounding muscles. You will learn techniques designed to build strength and increase your range of motion. Once you’ve been given all the tools to assess your body and understand where your movement comes from, Jen will lead you through a series of familiar yoga postures that you will experience in a brand-new way.

Come prepared to learn new techniques to apply during your practice and have fun working with muscles you never knew you had!


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About Jen Schraeder, 200 RYT and Yoga Detour graduate: Being the daughter of hippies and joining in on her mother's practice as a young child, yoga has been a part of Jen's life for more years than she's comfortable telling us. It wasn't until she started having back problems that yoga practice became less of a monthly habit and more of a daily necessity. Through a steady home practice, and wonderful guided classes, she has alleviated most of her back pain. Yoga studios and the students that inhabit them are like a second home and family to her and she really loves sharing in that joy. Jen loves to lead her students through class with mindful movements and  lots of smiles.