Community can be created wherever people meet- in the workplace, at the market, or even on your mat. Whenever people get together to share experiences and energy, a community is grown. We are so grateful for all of the amazing yogis at Yoga Vie and want to have more opportunities to get together to socialize with everyone! 

This Get Social event is a great opportunity to meet your fellow yoga practitioners, chat with your teachers, and connect with our community. You'll have time besides the few minutes before and after class to talk about yoga, your lives, your current summer read- whatever! We may event play on our mats a little! Come hang with us at the studio, bring a drink/snacks/treats, and plug in to the energy of your yoga community!

Our first Get Social event will be held after Tuesday's FLOW class. Come for practice and stay for the event, or swing by whenever you can.

Registration for this event is not required; however, RSVP and let us know you'll be there so we can plan to have plenty of treats for all!