Have you ever heard the phrase ‘the answers are within’ and though ‘REALLY?’? Does the idea of following your own intuition to find your path feel foreign and scary? Don’t worry- you’re in good company. It’s hard to know where to start, but Susan has some ideas!

Join Certified Professional Life Coach and Meditation Instructor Susan Hurst for a 2 hour meditation workshop that will get you going in the direction you want to go. She’ll go over the basics of meditation, what it is and why we do it, as well as teach some simple but effective meditation techniques that you can replicate on your own at home. With a focus on using your intuition to guide your meditation, she’ll make the path to realizing your intentions a little brighter and easier to follow. The workshop will conclude with a guided meditation. No previous meditation experience necessary.

My purpose and passion is to empower, enhance and inspire others to live a whole life comprised of mental, physical, spiritual, social and emotional health and wellbeing. I truly believe we all have the ability to live a joyful and fulfilled life where being whole is the goal!
— Susan Hurst
Susan Hurst

About Susan Hurst: As a Certified Professional Life Coach and Meditation Instructor, Susan knows that each of us has the answer to our own questions; we simply need a way to access them. Meditation and life coaching provides a means to reach those answers.

Susan taught herself to meditate over 20 years ago, an event that changed her life. Since then, she earned her Associates and Bachelors Degrees, became a Certified Professional Life Coach with Life Purpose Institute, and created her “Beingwhole” curriculum which focuses on tools and strategies for topics such as stress management, the power of positive thinking, meditation, and most importantly, how to trust and follow our intuition. She’s taught this curriculum to adult cancer survivors at the Mission Hope Cancer, Santa Maria, the Dick DeWees Senior Center, as well as to the children at the Lompoc and Santa Maria Boys and Girls Club. Learn more about Susan on her website, www.beingwholewellness.com.

Cost:  Members $30  |  Non-Members $35