That final school bell will ring before you know it, so it’s time to start thinking about how to keep your kiddo occupied, and their body and mind engaged this summer... 

Yoga Vie and Deborah Marsh, 200RYT and Yoga Calm ® certified youth instructor, are happy to offer a 5-day yoga day camp for your 6-12 year old this summer! Your little one will enjoy daily yoga, nature walks, nutritious lunch and snacks every day, and creative activities that spark their imagination. Participants will enjoy the outdoors and learn the physical, social, and emotional benefits of yoga while having FUN! 

Each day of our summer camp, we will tailor our activities to focus on one of each of the five principles of the Yoga Calm® curriculum, incorporating a variety of yoga poses, structured sharing, and creative experiences that support that specific principle: 

Kids Yoga
  • Stillness- teaching children to still themselves through the quieting and relaxation processes of yoga helps create an inner peace. In Yoga Calm classes children are encouraged to connect to the natural world around them and its beauty. Practicing yoga outside at the park will allow participants to experience the quality of Stillness. 

  • Listening- through our yoga practice children learn to listen to their bodies and to the messages that come from inside, finding their own wisdom and voices. 

  • Grounding- Yoga helps participants learn to connect to the earth, grounding themselves physically and emotionally. Children gain a sense of physical awareness and safety in their bodies, understanding their unique abilities. 

  • Strength- yoga brings children opportunities to experience their strength physically through reasonable challenges. We also promote strength mentally and emotionally by encouraging participants to challenge themselves yet listen to their physical limitations. With Yoga Calm children learn positive self-talk which helps them develop personal strength. 

  • Community- children are taught games and activities through yoga. These activities help create a sense of community and connection to each other. Participants are encouraged to share with each other, compliment and support each other as well. 

Registration includes a Yoga Vie kids t-shirt.

Lunch, drinks, and healthy snacks will be provided every day.  

JULY 8- JULY 12, 2019 | 10AM - 2PM



About Deborah Marsh: A 200 RYT, high school teacher Deborah has made yoga her passion, on and off the mat. She is the advisor for the Lompoc High School Yoga Club, has years of teaching experience, and has taught yoga to many of the high school sport teams and teachers over the last year. She is a Certified Yoga Calm Youth Instructor, a school-based curriculum for teaching yoga, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning to school-aged students.