The moon is the great rhythm keeper. Its cycles govern many of the rhythms of nature and gives us an opportunity to tap into the natural rhythms of our bodies. The full moon is when the moon is at its peak. It’s a time of heightened intensity, amplification, expansion, gratitude, and letting go. 

Join Deborah Marsh as she leads us in a gentle yoga flow that invites the moon's soothing lunar energy and celebrates the natural transitions that each month’s Full Moon brings about. Perfect for those that need refuge from daily stress, this Moon Salutation sequence will quiet your body and mind, and let you recharge for the month ahead. 

Harvest Moon is tied to the Autumnal Equinox in that it is the full moon closest to the first day of Autumn (usually in September). It is called the Harvest Moon because for several evenings the moon rise occurs soon after sunset resulting in an abundance of light early in the evening – traditionally extending the time available to harvest these last crops of the growing season. Harvest festivals occur in many cultures throughout the world, celebrating the bounty of local harvests. Focus will be on releasing things that no longer serve us.

This class will focus around a center piece of special items representing each of the 5 natural elements. We will open with a brief meditation, followed by Chandra Namaskar (gentle moon salutations), and finish with calming restorative poses.