The history of Yoga is filled with stories that have been passed down through generations past and present. Their heritage is deeply rooted in the culture of the Eastern world and has come to us in many forms. Yet despite these ancient origins, they can be an invaluable source of inspiration, guidance, and awareness for our modern-day lives.  

Join Tina Ventrella for a playful, light-hearted all levels yoga experience weaving the grace of asana with the beloved stories at the heart of the yoga tradition. Discover the magic of enlivening your imagination while learning about Radha, Lakshmi, Krishna and more! Expect moments of stillness and flow accompanied by giggles and kid-like silliness throughout.

This is a special event series, you can sign up for just one, or all 4 classes. Each class will be based on a specific myth- can you read the teasers below and guess which one? Or come ready to be entertained and explore together! Read more about each special event class theme below.


Yoga 1.png

Jun 30, 2019

Birth of Bhakti Yoga  

Who is Raguth and what’s the story there?


Jul 28, 2019

Krishna and his BFF 

Whose favorite snack is Lucky Charms and why do we care? 


Yoga 3.png

Aug 25, 2019

Lovers Quarrel 

What will it take to get these two back together? 

Yoga 4.png

Sep 29, 2019

Rasa Lila 

Who’s the dreamy dude with the man bun and how can I dance with him? 


Tina Ventrella

About Tina: The moment Tina discovered yogic breath and movement, the strength inside and out that yoga cultivates, yoga became an integral part of her life. She is inspired by nature, family, adventure, walking barefoot and numerous teachers she encounters daily. Tina teaches yoga because of its beauty, its truth, and its ability to induce stillness. She wishes to help others discover their Inner BadAss and remember their innateness, their authentic selves! Tina teaches an eclectic loving class challenging one to dive deep within, explore, and tap into one's essence. Blending breath, vinyasa, alignment, giggles and love to create an illuminating experience, Tina's classes are versatile and adaptable to all levels. Come discover what you can do! To learn more about Tina and her offerings check out! Shine on!