Join Virginia, 500RYT, on a journey through the 8 limbs of yoga in this unique monthly special event class, called Sadhana. Sadhana is the Sanskrit word for ‘practice.’ Each week we will take an hour and a half to explore different yoga Sadhana. Enjoy a different yogic theme each month as we circle through the 8 limbs, doing our best to practice and learn about yamas and niyamas, asanas, pranayama, vayus, koshas, chakras, meditation, concentration, chanting, silence, healing, and more.

Let's play with props, in chairs, get upside down, restore, flow, breathe, or maybe just have a philosophy chat. Come with an open mind and heart. Want to shake up your weekly practice? Look forward to something different each month. Let this unexpected, fun, and playful special event class start your weekend on a positive note. 


Virginia Allain

Virginia's yoga teaching style is heavily rooted in alignment-based asana and she encourages the use of props when necessary. Providing her students with a safe space to slow down and breathe deeply. Her approach is to teach individual bodies as they are in the moment, in their perfect nature; rather than the collective, forcing each student to look the same. She sees each body as something unique and strives to provide a positive experience, where each student is able to realize their highest self. She is an Advanced SmartFLOW graduate, with more than 400 SmartFlow training hours accummulated and continues to study with her teacher, Annie Carpenter