Uninterrupted time together is the greatest gift you can give. 

Tired of the obligatory dinner, movie and flowers on Valentine's Day? Us too!  Maybe you boycott Valentine's Day all together.  So much pressure...Yoga Vie wants to literally turn a day of disappointment upside down!  Make it the most memorable day you've had in a long time - try Acro Yoga!  

Have things been a little crazy?  No time for the people you love? Put down your phone, grab a friend, your partner, or spouse, get a sitter - or bring the kids. Spend a couple of hours with all your attention on that important person in your life.

Spend Valentine's Day in a light-hearted and engaging environment that cultivates trust, connection, and playfulness. Let Sandee and Linda guide you, and your partner, both physically and energetically through a yoga workshop designed to teach you to move and work in harmony as a team. Get ready for an evening of laughter as we explore basic acro yoga and partner poses.

Poses selected are basic partner poses and are accessible to everyone. No ACRO or yoga experience necessary.  No partner required! All levels encouraged and welcome.  Members select "members only pricing" at checkout.



***Registration opens Jan 15th***