The Winter solstice marks the day with the shortest day and the longest night of the year. The gradual return of the light, ushers in Spring and new life. While the diminished daylight draw us inward, our cultural norms encourage us outward. Parties, food, decorations and advertising bombard the senses. Being aware of these opposing energy patterns can help keep them in balance and encourage healthy habits.

Restorative yoga poses can create a bridge to carry you from one season to the next. The deep internal focus of powerful restorative poses connects us to the energy buried deep in the earth. Aromatherapy will encourage this grounding and comforting energy we will create in our candle-lit Winter Solstice practice. 

Join Michael-Lyn for an 1.5-hr gentle flow and restorative practice to draw you inward; out of the crazy holiday season and prepare for the daylight. 



*Essential oils will be used in class.