Don’t let your back pain define you. You’re not alone, yoga can help. Join us for this special class designed to alleviate back pain and get you back on track. If any of the answers to the following questions are a yes - this class is for you!

  • Do you suffer from back pain and/or sciatica as a result of an injury or accident?
  • Do you have a herniated disc(s)?
  • Are you trying to avoid back surgery?
  • Have you had surgery, or multiple surgeries, and are you still in pain?
  • Tired of taking pain medication?
  • Are you afraid to do any movement that may cause more pain?

In the United States lower back pain is one of most common complaints among sedentary people, as well as highly trained athletes. The Mayo Clinic reports that most people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. Did you know 7 independent studies* show that 60% of asymptomatic middle aged people have findings of disc bulge or worse?

We have seen that those who practice yoga for as little as twice a week, for 8 weeks, make significant gains in strength, flexibility, and endurance, which is a basic goal of most rehabilitation programs for back pain or neck pain. In addition, the breathing and meditation aspects of yoga induce the relaxation response, which has been found to assist people in decreasing their pain. Yoga has also been successful in the treatment of depression and anxiety that often accompany chronic pain.

The key to full success in treating low back injury, pain, and/or recovering from surgery is slowing down and allowing your body to heal. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes. Once you have a handle on the cause of the problem, you can begin down the road to recovery and yoga can help you get there.

This class is performed by practicing yoga poses lying on your back. Individual modifications will be provided using yoga props to assist being supported in all yoga poses; yoga chairs are also available for those who cannot stand or sit for long periods of time. No matter what your story is, let Raul guide you through simple, accessible, and healing exercises that will empower you to improve your situation with a holistic alternative.

Raul Yanez

Join Raul Yanez, 200hr Yoga Teacher/multiple herniated disc survivor for a special event class designed to help you learn how yoga can improve the quality of your life, despite chronic back pain. Let Raul teach you from experience, how someone with several herniated discs can survive and thrive with back pain. 


Cost:  Members $10  |  Non-Members $17

*Boden et al., Jensen et al., Boos et al., Borenstein DG et al., Weishaupt et al., Wood et al. (11). People whose occupation required frequent heavy lifting, twisting and bending were excluded from this 60% average.