do i have to sign up before class?

We recommend creating an account online prior to attending class.  To create an account visit the MindBody Login. MindBody is our booking software. While walk-ins are always welcome, it saves you time to register before you arrive to ensure we have ample space for everyone.

Can i bring my cell phone?

Cell phones are not permitted in the practice area. Please turn off your cell phones or place it on silent (not vibrate) - no exceptions. We try to create a relaxing environment and technology free zone. Leaving the room to silence or answer a cell phone is disruptive to the entire class.

WHAt if i'm "on call" and i need my cell phone?

We are happy to keep an eye on your cell phone during class, so you don't have to! The front desk attendant will alert you if you receive a call, otherwise, you will have a stress free class!

I have an injury, can i still practice?

Depending on your injury, you may still be able to practice yoga! We have yoga chairs and props that your teacher can use to make sure you are comfortable, and can still do some version of each pose. You can email us ahead of time if you are unsure.

I'm recovering from a injury do i need to do anything special?

Please arrive early enough to chat with your teacher. Let him or her know of any limitations your doctor has placed on your practice. This can make your experience a lot more enjoyable.

Can i wear my shoes and socks?

We require students to remove their shoes before entering the practice area. This allows us to keep our floor nice and clean. You are free to wear shoes anywhere else in the studio. We recommend removing your socks during practice so your feet don't slip on your mat, but if wearing socks is the only way you plan to practice, bring a grippy pair!

Why don't you have class levels?

All yoga is all levels and with the help of a skilled teacher you can easily practice in any class. One thing to keep in mind: don't compare yourself to others. Just do what you can!

I'm sick, but I still want to practice!

Depending on what ails you, we welcome you to practice. If you are excessively coughing, sneezing, or snotting, please consider staying home until you recover. Sometimes you need rest more than yoga!


We hate to see you go! All memberships are 1 year memberships, with the exception of active duty military on official orders. Please email us or visit the front desk, 30 days prior to your contract expiring to request a cancelation. You can turn off auto-renew anytime, by doing the same.


What happens when i get to the studio?

Visit the front desk before class to check-in and make payment. Signing in for every class is essential (even if they are free).  We also take pictures of our clients (required for members and class pass holders). When you're waiting outside the practice area, please be quiet if there is a class in progress- a restful Savasana is important.

what if i don't have a mat?

No problem! We rent mats for $1 and ask that you wipe it down with a cleaning cloth (provided by the studio) after use. If it's your first visit, it's FREE!

Do I have to bring my own props?

We have everything you'll need to practice. All we ask is that you stack any borrowed props neatly and in the condition it was borrowed. Fold and return cotton blankets after use.

do you do weird stuff, like chanting?

YES, we are weird and we are not afraid to share our weirdness. You might be surprised how well you fit in! Even if you don't like OMMMMMM'ing, please be still during chanting and meditation- respect others who are there to practice. 

How early should I arrive for class?

The doors open 15 minutes before classes or workshops begin. Please arrive at least 5 to 10 minutes before class begins to check in and get settled. 

I've never been to yoga before, what's a good first class?

We recommend going through our beginners series, but if that's too much of a time commitment, try our BASICS, GENTLE, or RESTORE classes. These are great classes for those just starting out! 

Is yoga hard?

It can be. It's all what you make it. With practice you can make any class what you want it to be. To learn more about each class, visit our Class Description page.


Sometimes being late is out of your control and we will make exceptions, on occasion. As a general rule, we do not allow students to enter class 5 minutes after it's started. Coming late is disruptive for the entire class so we try to respect those in attendance.


Private lessons are such a treat! Start from the beginning, go deeper, or nurse an injury one-on-one with your favorite teacher, and at YOUR convenience. It's easy to request a private, just fill out our request form and you're one step closer to personal attention!