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As a Yoga Vie graduate, you will head into the world confident and ready to lead grounded, safe, and inspired yoga classes. Learn how to offer modifications, posture options, clarification of contraindications, and how to create a complete series of classes with progressive levels of difficulty. Gain a deeper personal relationship and understanding of yoga philosophy. 

We will help you master the basics, while giving you space and encouragement to find your own teaching style.  This course will mark a major event along your journey to finding more depth in your practice and in life. Upon Graduation, you will be ready to sequence and teach your first all levels class and begin sharing yoga with others! 


Even if you are not interested in teaching yoga, the course is designed to help you lead a healthier and more spiritual life in accordance with your true nature. This experience provides a great way to find long lasting happiness, peace and the ability to share the yogic lifestyle with others.

Learn to manage your stress, develop your own home practice, and meet a community of people, just like you, who want the same.

If the entire program is too much, sign up for one weekend of training on a topic that interests you. Join our community of dedicated students. 

Yoga Vie is a Registered Yoga School (RYS); completion of this training meets eligibility requirements to register with Yoga Alliance as a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). Students are required to complete a minimum of 180 contact (in class) hours and 20 non-contact hours. This training is a great way for current teachers to continue learning their craft or students to enjoy time away, immersed in the study of yoga. 

Prerequisite:  At least 12 months of yoga experience and a genuine willingness to learn and grow.  

Our Curriculum Includes

  • Advanced study of alignment based asana
  • Science and art of sequencing
  • Hands-on adjustments
  • How to observe bodies
  • Informed use of yoga props 
  • 20 hours of online anatomy training (see below)
  • Cultivating your teaching voice
  • Confidence-building through practice teaching
  • Yoga history and philosophy
  • Sanskrit 
  • The Business of Yoga
  • Teaching Special Populations (kids, prenatal, seniors)



February 9 - 10, 2019
March 2 - 3 & March 23 - 24, 2019
April 13 - 14, 2019
May 4 - 5, 2019
June 1 - 2 & June 22 - 23, 2019
July 13 - 14, 2019
August 3 - 4, 2019


Weekend Times

Saturdays: 7am - 5pm
Sundays:  7am - 5pm

Study With Experts In The Field Of Yoga Anatomy

For the anatomy component of your training, we're partnering with world-renowned Yoga Educators & best-selling authors of Yoga Anatomy, Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews. Using what they've learned in their combined 50-years of experience training yoga teachers, they've created a unique online + in-person course that's exclusively available through Teacher Training programs: Fundamentals. This is not your average anatomy training. Don't expect hours of "which bone is which" that make you feel like you're back in high school science classes...Leslie & Amy spend time on the things that matter most to a yoga teacher and skip the memorization. They'll help you establish a broad base of knowledge by sharing examples, analogies, stories, and guiding you through physical experiments that make the material helpful and applicable to teaching yoga to students.

Leslie & Amy will also share their own favorite teaching strategies like...

  • Make poses accessible for any student
  • Help students with injury continue their practice
  • Simple cues that enable every student find success

How does it work?
You'll login at home, via your computer, for assigned guided lesson content, reflection, personal exploration, and teaching preparation. You'll have time to soak up the material and try it out it in your own asana practice. This means that each time we come together as a group, you'll already have a strong foundation in that unit's content and we'll be able to dive even deeper into the material, rather than spend valuable group time on basic concepts and memorization. Our group time will be spent in hands-on application. We'll break into discussion groups, share movement exercises, and observe exactly how this information interweaves with our tradition. By the time we're finished, you'll have a broad understanding of the anatomical concepts that are most important to a yoga teacher so you can begin teaching with confidence.

Get a discount on this required reading if you purchase from Yoga Vie!

Get a discount on this required reading if you purchase from Yoga Vie!

preview what's included

  • Unit 1 - Building Blocks: Sthira-Sukha / Connective Tissue / Bones / Muscles
  • Unit 2 - Breath: Prana & Apana / Diaphragm / Ujjayi / Bhandas
  • Unit 3 - Muscle Physiology: Strength / Flexibility / Movement / Joints
  • Unit 4 - The Spine: Curves / Disks / Backpain
  • Unit 5 - Lower Limbs / Alignment in Standing Postures
  • Unit 6 - The Upper Limbs / Alignment in Inversions
  • Unit 7 - Asana Philosophy / "Benefits" of a Pose / Asana Analysis
  • Unit 8 – A Body-Mind Perspective on how to work with pain
  • Unit 9 – Vinyasa: Breath + Movement / Seated Postures / Move to other Floor Postures
  • Unit 10 – Arm Supports: Arm Support Poses 
  • Access to the Asana Library
  • Breath-Centered Approach with Leslie, Joint & Muscle Actions with Amy, Pose-Specific Workshops
  • Video Glossaries: with names of bones and muscles/common anatomical terms you might hear in teaching / training / therapeutic contexts
  • Additional Discussions / Workshops: extras too valuable not to include, but didn't fit into the body of the curriculum.
This is the most comprehensive and useful anatomy training available to teacher training programs today; available only through studios like ours.



  • All required weekends (200 hours of training)
  • 10 additional hours of online Anatomy training
  • All books required for training
  • 4 yoga classes per month during the training** 
  • 10% discount on all retail merchandise


  • $500 non-refundable cash deposit to reserve space (applied to tuition balance)
  • $3,000 Early Bird on or before Oct 15, 2018
  • $3,200 After Oct 15 and before Jan 1, 2019
  • $3,500 After December 31, 2019


Pay $1500 and attend any 4 weekends


Pay $1799 and attend the entire training


*Tuition is due, in full, by February 1, 2019. Payments may be made up until the due date. If tuition is paid after the the deadline a $300 late fee will be assessed. **Restrictions apply, ask for details. Payment plans are available for the full training, contact us for details.


Make-up Sessions

If you must miss any contact hours, for ANY reason, you are required to schedule a private make up session, with the teacher missed, during a non-training weekday or weekend. If others miss, you may combine the lesson and share the cost. For every 4 hours missed, you will meet privately with a teacher for 1 hour. Make-up rates for hours missed during teacher training are as follows:

  • You miss 4 hrs, you attend a 1 hr make-up = $100
  • You miss 8 hrs, you attend a 2 hr make-up = $200
  • You miss 12 hrs, you attend a 3 hr make-up = $300
  • You miss 16 hrs, you attend a 4 hr make-up = $400
  • You miss an entire weekend, you attend a 5 hr make-up = $500

If you do not attend all contact hours you will not complete the program and you will not be eligible to apply to Yoga Alliance for the Registered Yoga Teacher designation. We encourage you to plan accordingly.


Virginia Traylor

Virginia's yoga teaching style is heavily rooted in alignment-based asana and she encourages the use of props when necessary. Providing her students with a safe space to slow down and breathe deeply. Her approach is to teach individual bodies as they are in the moment, in their perfect nature; rather than the collective, forcing each student to look the same. She sees each body as something unique and strives to provide a positive experience, where each student is able to realize their highest self. She is an Advanced SmartFLOW graduate and continues to study with her teacher, Annie Carpenter. She has also studied with yoga teachers Leslie Kaminoff, Tiffany Russo, Trudy Goodman, Dr. John Casey, Cain Carroll, Mary Kay West, and Desi Barlett.

Luana Knowlton

Luana literally stumbled into yoga in 2008, when she stepped on an acorn and banged up her ankle, knee, and shoulder. An inner voice whispered “yoga” and as soon as her injuries healed, she began to practice. Within the first six months she lost 60 pounds and found a new lease on life. As the body opened and strengthened through asana practice, she uncovered a deep yearning for connection with the One. She began to study Sanskrit in 2009, which led her into yoga philosophy and a regular meditation practice. She has logged over 2500 hours of yoga teaching experience, and also teaches Sanskrit with the American Sanskrit Institute. She continues to study the great works of yoga -- the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Upanishads, as well as the subtler aspects of pranayama. In 2016 she took initiation into the lineage of Sri Swami Satchidananda. Luana’s upbeat personality, calming presence, and kindness will encourage you to work deeply with awareness to find comfort and steadiness in your practice so that you may discover Peace -- your very essence. Luana will join us as a guest instructor to teach pranayama, meditation, chanting and an introduction to Sanskrit.