Incorporating flow with postures that help build strength, join Chelsie Miller for this special event class that will inspire you to feel the power of your practice. 

Many view yoga as flow, relaxation, and flexibility... while strength training is power, force, and pure fitness. But the two have more in common than you might think- and bringing together the best of both disciplines can bring a new level of health & wellness to your practice. 

Balancing strength with flexibility, increasing muscle mass and bone density, developing control and focus, and warding off injury are just a few of the benefits of strength training.

With a mix of strength poses, upper body asanas, core building, and fast-paced sequences to ignite the leg muscles, this Vinyasa for Strength practice will leave students fulfilled with fatigue and a new found ability for their own practice.

This practice is for all levels, beginners are welcome.

COST: $17 Non-Members | $10 Members